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Why Choose Us?


If you are trying to select a dental practice to care for you and your family, here are some good reasons to give us serious consideration and make us #1 on your list!


1.  Experience - Our staff has a combined 225 years of experience working in our office (not including the years working in other offices before working here.)

2. Convenient Scheduling - Because we have enough staff members with overlapping schedules, we can offer you early morning appointments (7:00 am), late afternoon appointments (until 7:00 pm), and Saturday appointments (8 am - noon on alternating Saturdays).

3. Commitment to your Comfort = "T.L.C." - Are you nervous?  Apprehensive? We are 100% committed to giving you a positive dental experience.  We are experts at catering to cowards!  Modern dental techniques don't have to be painful.  We have many different anesthetics and techniques at our disposal.  We have nitrous oxide available.  We can even prescribe something to relax you further (if you have someone to drive you home).  Hundreds of patients who used to be afraid to go to the dentist are no longer fearful after experiencing care in our office.

4. After Hours Emergency availability - Have you ever tried to reach another dentist in the evening or on a weekend?  You don't have to negotiate with an outside answering service to reach us because we list our actual phone numbers on our "Dental Emergency?" page.  This is just another example of our commitment to give you the best dental care.

5. We do it all - We do every dental specialty in our office, but we don't do all of each specialty.  In each specialty, there are occasionally unusual circumstances that require the expertise of a outside specialist.  In most cases, we take care of of your needs without sending you to another office.

6.  Payment options - In many cases, we can offer you no-interest, no-down-payment financing, for up to 24 months.   You can get pre-approved by Chase Health Advance before coming in to see us!  All you need to do is fill out their confidential online application.

7.  We understand you - We never talk down to you or say "you should have done this . . . " or "You should have done that . . ."  We understand that you are our employer, and it is our job to care for your dental needs in as comfortable and non-judgmental manner as possible.  We never tell you what to do.  We only do what you ask us to do, after discussing the pros and cons of each alternative.

8. Dental insurance accepted - We can handle just about any plan for you.  We'll research it, verify your eligibility, and determine your benefits.  We'll do all the paperwork, including filing the claim for you, and following up if necessary.

9. Continuity - The average length of service for our staff members is 13.1 years.  We believe that there is an advantage to seeing professionals who are familiar with you, your likes, and your dislikes.  You won't see new faces each time you walk into our office.

10. We never close for vacation - Because we have several highly-qualified dentists to care for you.  When one dentist takes time off, the other dentists cover that person's schedule.  You will never be sent to another dental office because we have no one available to treat you.

11. Location - Our office is easy to get to, with easy access by taking the Olympic Boulevard exit off of Interstate 680. Plus, we have plenty of free parking!