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Dental Assistants

Nelly Ponce

Nelly has been working full-time in our office since October 2001.

She works in our office Monday through Friday, and on an occasional Saturday morning.

In addition to being highly qualified, Nelly is kind and compassionate.  Everyone loves working with Nelly.

Nelly is originally from Nicaragua, and is fluent in English and Spanish.  She has experience in the hotel industry, and has worked at the front desk of a San Francisco hotel.

She received her R.D.A. training from Bryman School in San Francisco in 2001, and sis licensed by the State of California.  She has happily worked for us ever since.


Norma Alvaro
Dental Assistant

Norma has worked for us for two years.  She is an excellent and knowledgeable dental assistant, with a gentle touch.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Liliana Maciel-Martinez
Dental Assistant

Liliana is our newest dental assistant.  She is dedicated to caring for our patients.