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Dental Hygienists

Jessica Davies

Jessica has worked for us for several years.

She currently works 3 days a week.

She is thorough, detail-oriented, and gentle

Melissa Davies

Melissa works for us on acccasional Saturday Mornings.

Aleksandra Goliak

Aleksandra is fluent in English and Russian.

Helen Semfield

Helen is a dog lover.

She is fluent in English and Russian.

Jane Walker

Jane has worked in our office since November 5, 1993.

She works in our office the first two Fridays of each month.

Jane was born and raised in San Francisco.  "I'm a San Francisco girl", she says.  (Her father played Triple-A baseball with the Sausalito Merlins in the 1930's.)  Jane has been a San Francisco Giants fan for her whole life!

She has traveled extensively, and has lived all over the United States.

Jane earned her Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1989, and has been licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist  in California since 1990.

Jane enjoys reading and singing in her church choir.