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Our Staff

Jane Walker, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist

Jane has worked in our office since November 5, 1993.

She works in our office the first two Fridays of each month.

Jane was born and raised in San Francisco.  "I'm a San Francisco girl", she says.  (Her father played Triple-A baseball with the Sausalito Merlins in the 1930's.)  Jane has been a San Francisco Giants fan for her whole life!

She has traveled extensively, and has lived all over the United States.

Jane earned her Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1989, and has been licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist  in California since 1990.

Jane enjoys reading and singing in her church choir.

Zeny de Guzman, R.D.A. - Clinical Supervisor
Dental Assistant

Zeny has worked in our office since November 10, 1997.

She was born in the Philippines, and grew up on the small island of Guam, one of the Marianas Islands.  (Guam is a United States Territory.)

She completed her dental assistant training at the University of Guam, Medical and Dental Department.

She has been a Registered Dental Assistant in California since 1979.

Besides dental assisting, in our office she is responsible for the logistics of keeping the clinical area running smoothly.   This includes monitoring and ordering supplies, making sure that lab cases are processed on time, and making sure that office policies relating to sterilization and the CDC Infection Control Guidelines are followed.  (Everything that touches a patient is either thrown away after each visit, or is sterilized in a steam autoclave.) She also verifies current CPR training and Hepatitis vaccinations for all clinical staff members.

Her lifelong dream is to travel around the world.  She has been to several countries, including Germany and Switzerland.  She has toured some states, such as Virginia, Maryland and Texas.  She's also visited Southern California and Las Vegas.  ("Who hasn't? she asks.")

Zeny’s favorite things:

Things that are beautiful: Spring, Fall, people who are kind, and my grandchild.

"What I enjoy most on my days off is just being with my children and grandson."

Nelly Ponce, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant

Nelly has been working in our office since October 12, 2001.

She works Monday through Friday.
Nelly is originally from Nicaragua.  She has experience in the hotel industry, and has worked at the front desk of a San Francisco hotel.
She graduated from Bryman School in San Francisco in 2001.

Sandy Wolter
Office Manager

Sandy is originally from Modesto, and moved to the Bay Area in 1986.  She had several years of Dental Office Manager experience before getting the opportunity to work in our office.  She is responsible for all aspects of keeping our office running smoothly.  She manages staffing, schedules, accounting, and training.  Sandy's "firm yet fair" management style is one reason why we have so many staff members who have been with us for many years.  (The average length of service of of our staff is over 13 years, which is very unusual for a dental practice!)

Dr. Wolter was always impressed with Sandy's work ethic, reliability, and management skills.  Sandy was impressed by his dental expertise and the great relationships that he maintained with all of his patients.  They discovered that they seemed to like doing all of the same things.  (Motorcycle riding, flying, spectator sports, and trips to Las Vegas)

After working as our office manager for 13 years, Sandy and Dr. Wolter began dating in 2002.  They got married in 2006.

Sandy enjoys reading, yet rarely seems to have time for it.  She also enjoys watching professional sports, both in person and on TV.  She especially likes to attend San Francisco GIANTS games.

She usually enjoys going on flying trips with Dr. Wolter, but hates it when the air gets turbulent.

Sandy enjoys playing multiple scrabble games simultaneously, using the "Words With Friends" App on her iPhone.

Sandy brings three children to our family:  Eric, Austin, and Lauren.

Jennifer Williams
Bookkeeper, Billing, and Dental Insurance

She works in our office most afternoons and evenings during the week, plus many weekends.

Jen handles all of our office's bookkeeping, billing, and insurance processing.

As a benefit to our patients with dental insurance, we routinely handle all of the paperwork and follow-up for you.  Jen handles pre-authorizations and the complexities of dual coverage.  She sends the claims electronically, and tracks them on her computer.  Jen is extremely detail-oriented, and knows all of the ins and outs of the claims process, to help our patients get maximum benefit from their dental insurance coverage.  No matter what you’re accounting or insurance question, Jen always has a quick answer, and that answer is always correct. She routinely deals with nearly 100 different insurance companies, representing over 700 different insurance plans.

Jen is an animal-lover, and is particularly fond of her big cat, "Baby".

Bobbe Enea
Appointment Secretary

Bobbe has worked in our office since January 8, 2000.  

Bobbe is originally from Minnesota. She Graduated from Evergreen High School in Evergreen, Colorado, and attended the University of Northern Colorado.

She received dental assistant training at the Med-Help Training School in Concord, and became a Registered Dental Assistant (R.D.A.) in 1981.  Her dental assisting background makes her more effective at our front desk, especially when talking on the phone and making appointments.

She works in our office on weekdays, mainly from early morning (before 7:00 AM) to about 3:00 PM.

Bobbe and her husband Ben enjoy following the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers (in that order).